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Subject:   Freeze during migration
Date:   2007-06-03 09:52:24
From:   florian75
Hi there, I have a PBG4 running 10.4.9 and a MacBook Dual running 10.4.9. When trying to migrate my user account the migration assistant and the old mac in target mode always freeze when 45 min. of copying are left. Already tried the following:
- complete new set up of the new mac
- all possible maintenance on both macs
- both hard drives seem to OK
- tried regular migration and migration assistant

I do have quite big email (Mail) accounts (in total approx 8GB and each folder about 2 GB) - does this matter? I think that the freeze comes from the old mac as the symbil freezes and at the new mac "only" the migartion ass. freezes.

Any ideas? Thanks a lot and great forum!


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