OpenWRT 101
Subject:   Errors, errors, errors
Date:   2007-06-07 11:07:06
From:   pnaulls
I haven't read the entire article, but even the first few paragraphs contain many factual errors. , and I couldn't bear to continue.

It gets the history and parentage of OpenWRT (sic) wrong, doesn't bother to explain what "bricking" is, makes mention of a mythical "WRT kernel", and claims that Kamikaze is experimental (it was released just last week, and the article is dated after that), to name but a few of the errors.

All in all, don't take this seriously.

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    2007-06-08 02:50:15  mdubrowski [View]

    • Errors, errors, errors
      2007-06-08 10:58:39  pnaulls [View]

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