Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   Apache web serving & stealth mode
Date:   2007-06-08 02:39:40
From:   niteOwl
Thanks for the great article - it's really helped me configure Apache & PHP on my Mac.

My problem is this - I recently enabled stealth mode in system preferences > sharing > firewall (Mac OS X Tiger). This is great for keeping me 'under the radar' while on the Net, but the downside is since I use PHP functions in my web development that fetch the server name, these are no longer working when I test pages pages served from the Sites folder (i.e. stealth mode on - no response).

Is there a way I can configure the firewall to allow incoming requests to my IP address only, but not respond to anything else? At the moment it's a hassle turning stealth mode on & off when developing.

I'm guessing I might need to go into the terminal, but I have no idea of the commands.