Bitmap Image Filters
Subject:   confused by NSImage
Date:   2007-06-08 08:56:10
From:   barryrp

I need to produce an image filter on a mac. I've just acquired an intel mac complete with Xcode & am trying to learn cocoa asap (previous experience with VC & CodeWarrior). Came across this tutorial downloaded, converted to Xcode 2.4 and I'm a bit stuck! Some images seem to work - but then if you look closely repeated operations (you can Make Grayscale of a grayscale) move the image a pixel leftwards. I then created a TIFF - rectangle 200x100, all purple with white strip 10 pixels wide down righthand side. Tried this & the wihite band gets boken into strips & the resulting grayscale image has a black ban at the bottom. Looks as if each row is being shrunk. But stepping through the code all looks fine !
If you can reproduce this problem I would be very pleased (proves I'm not seeing things)!

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  1. confused by NSImage
    2009-03-16 03:37:52  Robin Forder [View]

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