Lightroom vs Aperture - The Results
Subject:   Lightroom handling of RAW/Jpeg images
Date:   2007-06-10 21:13:08
From:   bendee
Response to: Lightroom handling of RAW/Jpeg images

Did check my preferences and can't find a command for this. Separating Jpegs and Raw somewhat defeats the purpose of setting my camera to take both for a single image (I only do this when I expect to send files off ASAP). It's so much simpler when they're together (like Bridge), and I would have expected that if LR is smart enough to ignore the Jpegs, it would be smart enough to stack them under the RAW images. Have you encountered this problem, or is it only me and my LR settings? Or does LR assume it's so good that users no longer ever need to capture both RAW and Jpegs for one image. LR works fine when I only capture one file format (either RAW or Jpeg).

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  1. Lightroom handling of RAW/Jpeg images
    2007-06-10 22:33:16  michaelclarkphoto [View]

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