Perfect Text Editors for Coders
Subject:   Boxer Text Editor
Date:   2007-06-15 15:06:22
From:   BoxerSoftware
To make this list more complete, I humbly suggest Boxer. ( (Boxer) )

  • Powerful macro language

  • Color syntax highlighting

  • HTML editing support

  • Edit files up to 2 Gigabytes

  • Color syntax printing

  • Active spell checking

  • Manipulate text in column blocks

  • RegExp search and replace

  • Reconfigurable keyboard

  • Extensive configurability

  • Auto-complete words and phrases

  • CTAGS function indexing

  • Keystroke recording

  • FTP, Project support

Boxer was winner of the "Best Major Application" award at the 2006 SIAF Event.


David Hamel
Boxer Software