Creating a Windows DLL with Visual Basic
Subject:   Arrays in DLL
Date:   2007-06-19 07:01:20
From:   pontiveros

This is a great article, thanks for it.

I'm creating a Security Key Checker/Generator MD5 based algorithm DLL, and im having troubles dealing with some Status and Byte Buffer arrays. VB6 just crash! The error happens when left side assignation occurs (ie: MyArray(n)=A_Value ). I get rid of one array changing it to 4 vars cause it never needs to be looped through. But then i've a array(64) that get random index values, so i really need it as is. I really apreciate any help

Greetings in advance

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  1. Arrays in DLL
    2007-11-19 15:35:06  Ivanmp [View]

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