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  In Praise of Pic
Subject:   Not working for me
Date:   2007-06-22 13:37:30
From:   MatthewDoar
I ran the examples you gave, and the .ps file looks ok but ps2epsi claims that the page is blank, and gs shows nothing. Perhaps the .pic file has to be embedded in a troff file? There's no troubleshooting section in the documents you referenced.

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  1. Not working for me
    2007-07-16 05:56:23  ralph@inputplus.co.uk [View]

  2. Not working for me
    2007-07-10 14:54:46  LakerNetman [View]

  3. Philipp K. Janert photo Not working for me
    2007-06-22 20:27:09  Philipp K. Janert | O'Reilly Author [View]

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