Graphical Toolkits for Apple's OS X: GTK+
Subject:   confusion
Date:   2007-06-25 07:10:37
From:   yvesdec
You say MacPorts has pre-built binaries but
sudo port install git-core
will build from source.

Later, you say fink provides subversion. It makes little sense to urge people to use two disctinct port managers. Fink very probabaly provides git too as MacPorts provides subversion
sudo port install subversion +no_bdb
Using both will make you build and install lots of duplicate ports and mostly doubles the chances of having trouble.
Subversion is also distributed as a .dmg with a nice installer.

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  1. Jeremiah Foster photo confusion
    2007-06-25 07:48:00  Jeremiah Foster | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

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