Memory Management in Objective-C
Subject:   Having trouble releasing
Date:   2007-06-25 13:12:25
From:   dwarnold45

Open your project file in xcode and responded "Upgrade a Copy." Made the following changes to Controller.m.

#import "Controller.h"

@implementation Controller

- (IBAction)goButton:(id)sender
AClass *ourObject;
ourObject = [AClass alloc];

// do stuff with ourObject

[ourObject release];


Rebuilt in xcode.

Found ObjectAlloc on my system where you said it would be. Ran it. From the File->Run menu, selected MemApp/Build/ and started it in ObjectAlloc.

My difficulty is that AClass shows this:

Current: 4
Peak: 4
Total: 4

I see no evidence of "releasing." Anyone else experience this behavior.

Mac os x 10.4.10 and xcode 2.4.1 and ObjectAlloc 3.4.