How to Build Simple Console Apps with Ruby and ActiveRecord
Subject:   other ruby console todolist app
Date:   2007-06-26 07:20:46
From:   GregoryBrown
Response to: other ruby console todolist app

I create a console todolist app using KirbyBase directly, although I am abstracting a very simple framework.

Cool, I'll have to check that out.

You will be happy to know it uses ruport.
But you could make it easier to use KirbyBase with ruport by applying my patch :)

We rejected the Struct conversion. The movement of the conversion code down into Record has been accepted, but it's awaiting tests. (We don't accept any patches without tests.) Though that's a discussion for ruport-dev, you might consider building a simple gem-plugin that extends Ruport to easily work with KirbyBase, that would rock.

I think it would be interesting to see a simple Rails app that could also be accessed through a console.

Simon Rozet, a student I am mentoring from the RubyMentor project, is going to attempt to do exactly that with Tracks. I sort of wrote this article with him in mind. :)