Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   Log modul for web server.
Date:   2007-06-26 11:28:42
From:   The-final-cut
Hello from Sarajevo.
I have already set web server on my dual g500 ,it works just fine behind the NAT ,and thanks to the fact that router support dyndns its available from the internet.
I also have set FTP server on the same computer and its just great!
The think that i would like to do next is to have little better log for monitoring access of the web server.
Default log is situated in console where all of the other mac logs are.
Also is there any differences form apache documentation for linux and mac os x ,so is it possible to use this documentation for OS x .
And at last default apache at mac os x is 1.3
P.S. sorry for bad english
Do we need to upgrade to 2.2