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  Review: Olympus DS-2 Stereo Voice Recorder
Subject:   How long does data transfer take?
Date:   2007-07-02 17:16:27
From:   bcummings
How long does it take to transfer 60 minutes of recording in wma format on to a computer?

My wife is a therapist and upon request from her clients records their sessions on cassette tape. She would like to switch to CD recordings but only has a few minutes between clients to burn a CD. (Mailing their CD's will not work in this case.) I purchased an earlier olympus recorder for her to use in this way but the data transfer rate into our PC was way to slow.

Thanks for your help,
Brian Cummings

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  2. How long does data transfer take?
    2007-07-02 17:48:24  bcummings [View]

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