Wireless Mesh Networking
Subject:   NZ Mesh Project
Date:   2007-07-04 23:19:21
From:   jbonnse
Response to: NZ Mesh Project

On the otherhand, I've seen products like Mesh Dynamics and RoamAD come and go... don't really equal the quality and capabilities of a Strix or even Tropos. Units like RoamAD and Mesh Dynamics, if you look at the hardware itself, there is no comparison. All I can say is that you get what you pay for and if you're building a wireless network to last - no matter what the size, I've been impressed by Strix. While you may pay a little more for leading products, you have to look at the resources available direct from the manufacture/company itself and also the feedback from customers who have performed their own evaluations/comparisons of different products.