Enabling Peer-to-Peer BitTorrent Downloads with Azureus
Subject:   Peer to Peer?
Date:   2007-07-05 00:05:35
From:   R.Govoni
Response to: Peer to Peer?

Good article!
IMHO, having only a few clients in the swarm is not really a problem, since the initial seeder will then be able to handle 'direct downloads' otherwise impossible with a greater swarm.
You should try to balance between direct downloads (when there are few clients) and p2p downloads when the clients number arise.

I think there's another sort of problem: in order to keep the swarm healthy, you need to keep as many clients connected as possible. How do you achieve this? The user may not want to keep a data connection open (and waste bandwidth for other users) once the update is finished, especially if we're dealing with a desktop application and not a networked one (such as World of Warcraft). I would not advise keeping the seeder active even when the update is finished, otherwise the user will suspect of having some sort of spyware installed in its system.