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  ColdFusion MX on Mac OS X, Part 3
Subject:   Alert! invisible opt folder resolved (Jaguar)
Date:   2002-08-24 14:49:05
From:   dicklacara
Upgrading to Jaguar causes the /opt folder to be invisible to the Finder -- It is still intact, you just can't see it from the desktop.

To make it visible again, do the following:

Open a Terminal window.

Assume the root ID by entering:

su root

Enter your (Mac OS X) Administrative password when asked

Change to the root file level:

cd /

Edit the .hidden file with pico by entering (note the dot before the file name):

pico .hidden

with the arrows, navigate down and delete the line containing:


save the updated file by entering:


followed by:


Exit pico by entering:


Reassume the cfmx user ID by entering:

su cfmx

From the Apple menu select Force Quit... (or press Command+Option+Escape).

Select the Finder and click Relaunch

When the finder is relaunched, you should see the opt folder on Macintosh HD, just as it was before installing Jaguar.