Setting up a Site Server with Jaguar
Subject:   accessing e-mail via http
Date:   2002-08-24 22:01:18
From:   harywilke
thank you for the very helpful tutorial. In my path toward internet independance i would like to take this one step farther. In school in the 90's i used telnet and pine to access my email account. At work i am behind a firewall that doesnot allow telnet. So i would like to be able to access mail that is sent to my computer via a browser, much like i do now with my yahoo account. If i could do this it would eliminate one more cost and allow me to forget about running out of space and the annoying attachment size limit. Being very new to apache and web serving i am wondering how dificult this is. As you can imagine a search on google for "email html apache" was less than helpfull. I would imagine that this has been done before many times over. Are there any projects out there that people have been working on that would do this?
Thanks again. O'Reilly has been wonderful in getting a unix eye view of OSX
-hary wilke

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    • accessing e-mail via http
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