Hands on with the Aperture 1.5 Professional Keyboard
Subject:   Non-Colored Keyboard
Date:   2007-07-07 06:26:26
From:   dominiquejames
The keyboard-coded shortcut for Aperture 1.5 is a great find. I'm going to look up for one.

You mentioned that the lack of color-coding of the keyboard is a "con" in your opinion. I think it's an advantage that the keyboard color/s are in shades of gray instead of solid multi-colors. Pro photographers try hard to make the editing environment and desktop as neutral as possible. A lot of professional photographers will get turned off if the keyboard keys are in vivid colors.

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  1. Non-Colored Keyboard
    2007-07-09 20:55:19  BakariLifetimePhotography [View]

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