Advanced Aperture Techniques with Joe Schorr
Subject:   Power Using Aperture
Date:   2007-07-10 09:44:21
From:   Fhybr
Joe and Derrick are doing a great job of bringing out all this power user information, but I wonder if all of this vital information is documented somewhere? I have gone back to the Aperture material, manuals, what's new information and find more and more information as I read them again and again.

Now I know I am one of about 10% who read the manuals, but shouldn't all the power of Aperture be documented for easy finding? I would like one location, a manual, where EVERYthing is laid out and easily accessed. I find myself searching Blogs, podcasts, Interviews, Teaching sites, Manuals, Readmes and getting hit and miss info, but no concise area of all the shortcuts, commands and power that Aperture has hidden under the hood.
But until that all comes together, please keep up the great information forum on Aperture.

John Houghton
Ontario Canada