Bitmap Image Filters
Subject:   motion deblurring-where is open FFT framework
Date:   2002-08-25 12:33:59
From:   psheldon
I bought a powershot s200 and wonder whether I could program up something to motion deblur. A G4 is so fast that I might not have to do a Cooley Tookey (sp?) algorithm. I would just have to get the way a glint got splotched and try a rough lateral inhibition in that direction. Starting little builds confidence for the long hauls. I took a nonflash time exposure on someone singing and playing the guitar in church, you see. The blur looked clean and with a glint on a guitar tuning nut(?) to track motion. I could see it was a curve.

I could save a file with that cropped out and figure out what the deconvolving filter was roughly, maybe.

I suppose photoshop has plugins that do that. Hey, wait a minute, I know they have gaussian blur. They might have motion deblur too. Wait a minute weren't we going to do plugins?

OK. Mike is going to make a speech and a book, so he might not want to fantacise about the next few columns, but I think I might hope from the vector processor nature of Altivec that fourier transform, maybe even FFT might just be already in the frameworks? I mean aren't frameworks built hand in hand with designing the processor, confustications of motorola "silicon compilers"? And Mike did just get a G4, right?

I spent a whole semester making up an algorithm with a pointer structure to do FFT's on a mac, but, if it is already built in a framework, then it might not take so long.

I downloaded something called cocoa browser from Japan. I haven't fooled with it yet.

How do I find such a framework? Maybe this is something that is open and free in opengl?