Printing for the Impatient
Subject:   problem in printing using apsfilter
Date:   2007-07-18 05:21:00
From:   gpraveenya
I installed lprng,ghostscript and apsfilter.
I run apsfilter SETUP and installed a remote printer. Test page was successfully printed. I restarted lpd and run lpr hai.txt command to print a simple textfile. But it is not working.

My lpq gives the following message,

Printer: lp@siddharth PS;r=360x360;q=medium;c=full;p=a4;m=auto' (dest lp@
Queue: no printable jobs in queue
Server: no server active
Status: job 'root@siddharth+229' saved at 14:21:39.170
Rank Owner/ID Pr/Class Job Files Size Time
error root@siddharth+229 A 229 ERROR: Mystery error from Send_job
JetDirect lpd: no jobs queued on the port Auto

My printcap file:

# APS_BEGIN:printer
# - don't delete start label for apsfilter printer
# - no other printer defines between BEGIN and END LABEL
# APS_END - don't delete this

My /var/spool/lpd/lp/ file:

processing 'dfA229siddharth.k', size 603, format 'f', IF filter 'apsfilter' at 2007-07-18-14:21:39.166 ## A=root@siddharth+229 number=229 process=3232
IF filter 'apsfilter' filter msg - 'Make_passthrough: pid 3233, execve '/root/Desktop/apsfilter-distro/etc/apsfilter/basedir/bin/apsfilter' failed - 'Exec format error''
IF filter 'apsfilter' filter exit status 'JABORT' at 2007-07-18-14:21:39.168 ## A=root@siddharth+229 number=229 process=3232
waiting for subserver to exit at 2007-07-18-14:21:39.169 ## A=<NULL> number=0 process=3231
job 'root@siddharth+229' error 'Mystery error from Send_job' at 2007-07-18-14:21:39.169 ## A=root@siddharth+229 number=229 process=3231
job 'root@siddharth+229' saved at 2007-07-18-14:21:39.170 ## A=root@siddharth+229 number=229 process=3231

Please try to solve my problem.