An Introduction to Tiger Terminal, Part 5
Subject:   cron still not working properly
Date:   2007-07-18 13:04:31
I've read this and many posts to find my problem and am lost. I used crontab to create a cron script and when I type crontab -l it says

20 15 * * * sawin /usr/bin/touch /Users/sawin/didit

The same appears in /var/cron/tabs/sawin. I know there is no reason I should need the variables set, but I am trying to follow every suggestion I can find. I tried with ad without the user name as a column, with and without tabs, etc.

cron is running and has a psid, and yet this command does not create a file called didit (of course running the command in the terminal does). Any suggestions why I can't seem to get cron to work?