Introduction to Haskell, Part 2: Pure Functions
Subject:   Stabbing at Haskell
Date:   2007-07-20 07:47:48
From:   pmccann
I've taken a couple of running jumps at Haskell, and even had grand plans to teach a course with Haskell programming as one of the core elements. It has, however, been a bit hard to get back to the *discipline* of Haskell after the relatively large amount of *play* that comes with programming in perl or ruby. So while there's been no identifiable barrier to continuing to learn Haskell --I understand the syntax and the structure quite well, if not the idioms-- it's something that has faded into the background more than once. I probably just need to knuckle down and find a project that almost demands the language to be used.

Regardless of that, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent article: I'm very much looking forward to your particular attack on the "awkward squad" of Haskell, and in particular monads.

Best wishes,