Top 7 Things System Administrators Forget to Do
Subject:   Forgetting Courtesy & additional thing forgotten
Date:   2007-07-24 21:22:43
From:   EdRoche
I dont agree 100% with Forgetting Courtesy as it is too complicated and misunderstood being a member of Sys admin. Whoever said this has moved from frontline sys admin however it is a tall order in this job. People, especially management, dont know that we do or the type of people we have to offer emotional councelling to in times of special needs. All requests coming to IT are negative and people seem to think that it is ok to approach IT and take their frustrations out in an unprofessional manner. They wouldn't approach other colleagues like this however we seldom standup to this and revert to being short with people. It has always been like this and is getting worse as the status of what IT does fades into a gray area of overhead costs. In general IT is not understood by the companies and less cared about until 'we do something wrong again' by the sales managers in the office.

One of the biggest things sys admins forget is their role in the company they work for. That in many cases they are not generating revenue thus are of little importance until somethings goes wrong. Its not technicalities or, its how you can contribute to earing money for the company and lowering costs.