The Good Easy on OS X
Subject:   Thank goodness I don't work for Hurst
Date:   2007-07-25 13:05:14
From:   wneumann
I'd hate to have to use the machines at his company. It seems the only software choices we have in common are Quicksilver and Office (and like him, I only have that to open documents that are sent to me). And worse than having a load of potentially unused software on my machine (though TypeIt4Me sounds like it might be useful), he's selected a number of packages that I personally find to be quite inferior to the alternatives (TextWrangler, Firefox, Mailsmith).

Although I did get a bit of a productivity boost from reading this article -- I now know there's not point in wasting time looking at his book any further if it's only going to consist of more tips like "use this pile of questionable software". So thanks for that.