The Good Easy on OS X
Subject:   Wow...
Date:   2007-07-25 17:33:20
From:   pmccann

2001 called, and it wants its list of recommended software back... To be honest, I'm flabbergasted that anyone would recommend a POP-only email client when almost everyone's reading email in multiple locations on multiple machines, but then we read that the man himself uses Claris Emailer in Classic mode, which doesn't even work on macs made in the last 18 months or so. That seems to be taking "whatever works" to the extreme!

One app on the list that *is* great is Typinator: just set it to use the default corrections and you already get quite a few corrections kick in automatically. Add in misspellings/typos as they occur and you keep increasing the value of this thing. One caveat: its default settings use curly quotes, which are a big no-no for me, so I've changed all to "straight" quotes.

Oh yeah: ditto re the TextMate references in the prior comments: if you're serious about "wrangling" text then it can easily become your best friend. Not something that you get in a day or a week, but again its utility continues to grow until it becomes indispensible.