Designing Messaging Applications with Temporary Queues
Subject:   performance
Date:   2007-07-26 05:33:41
From:   gastonscapusio
I like your article and I agree with you that in some cases it's a good idea to use temporary queues.

My question is about if it's a good idea to use temporary queues to send messages within the server and a rich client, where there are about 5000 clients (5000 temporary queues). In this scenario the server is sending messages to a especific user due to an event in the server side.
In this scenario we couldn't use 1 static filtered queue because the messages couldn't be readed by other clients that has access to it (security).
I don't know if queues is the best approach in this scenario.


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    2007-07-26 18:03:07  ThribhuvanThakur [View]

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