The Good Easy on OS X
Subject:   Just as bad...
Date:   2007-07-26 07:50:13
From:   grovberg
While I definitely agree with the principle of not assuming that newer software is necessarily better, this seems to be just the opposite assumption; if it's old, it must be better. A good third of the software mentioned here just makes OS X behave more like OS 9, while those of us who let 9 go and moved on have found more productive ways of working.

I used to be a fervent Default Folder user, but haven't seen any need for it since 10.3. Many of his comments make me wonder what version of OS X he's using. The insistence on plain text files is silly when PDF is a widely supported standard that I use across dozens of machines daily that can handle non-text data (sometimes we need to keep pictures as well as text). Also using a tool like Yojimbo allows you to categorize and find information much more simply and efficiently than a plain text file in the Finder. You could make the argument that you can do some of that with Spotlight, but Hurst hates that new-fangled thing too.

The Good Easy Mac seems to be less about making anyone's Mac more usable, and more about making Hurst's Mac more familiar. Not that there's anything wrong with that per se, but it's clearly not not a good basis for others to improve their productivity.