Smarter Ways to Work with PDFs
Subject:   Readers
Date:   2007-07-28 04:35:26
From:   travitzky
I was intrigued by your article on PDF filing, as I have years of miscellaneous documents already saved in this format. Your article actually piqued my interest in yet another format, as i have various texts in the windows format of.chm, or compiled html. Do you know of an easy reader app for these files? I presently use chmox, but it is limited in its' methods of turning, or enlarging pages, and leaves a large unused area for menus, and selections that i feel are wasted, so it feels rather cumbersome, even on my 20" iMac screen. I'm actually looking for a reader that has full screen mode for page reading, and also, keystroke manipulation of the movement on the pages. Any help in finding such an App would be appreciated.