An Introduction to OOP in Flash and ActionScript, Part 2
Subject:   AS2 OOP: Conclusion
Date:   2007-08-06 23:21:36
From:   nailcutter
ActionScript 2.0. Was it all you had hoped for and more? Yeah, I expected more as well. You have to think about it though. Macromedia cannot very easily pull drastic overhaul on its Flash player - one of the, if not the most widely distributed web plug-ins in the world. An entirely new programming environment would require a new runtime environment which would mean Flash really wouldn't be much of Flash anymore. Then the plug-in would have to basically provide two players - one for the new Flash environment and one for the classic environment. It doesn't seem like Flash is about to jump ship and headers ( in that direction just yet.

Nevertheless, ActionScript 2.0 does completely change the way you look at ActionScript. Those who were brought up on Flash are now getting a taste of the real programmer's world, while other developers migrating to ActionScript are given a much more friendly coding environment, something a little more familiar and inviting.