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Subject:   Today, for the first time in the 25-year history
Date:   2007-08-08 03:41:12
From:   alexeiw
BOSTON, MA OASIS members have approved the Open Document Format for Office
Applications (OpenDocument) v1.0 as an OASIS Standard, a status that signifies
the highest level of ratification. OpenDocument provides a royalty-free, XML-based
file format that covers features required by text, spreadsheets, charts, and
graphical documents. "XML doesn't always mean open. You can hide a lot in
a file format. OpenDocument represents an opportunity to ensure truly open
file formats for productivity applications, which is why it will receive the
enthusiastic support of public sector steering organizations on a global basis,"
commented James Governor, principal analyst at RedMonk. "The participation
of enterprises in vertical industries, such as aerospace, will also ensure
adoption in the private sector. One key to success will be the royalty free
status of the spec; there are no financial penalties associated with deelovping
to it<font color="#666666"> <font color="#000000">acomplia</font> ( </font><font color="#CCCCCC">
</font><font color="#000000">online</font> ( ." "Office productivity applications
and the documents they create are key to today's knowledge economy. Information
critical to the long term functioning of any organization is stored in the
spreadsheets, presentations, and text documents its employees create," said
Michael Brauer of Sun Microsystems, chair of the OASIS OpenDocument Technical
Committee. "Today, for the first time in the 25-year history of office applications,
such documents can be stored in an open, standardized, and vendor-independent
format." OpenDocument provides a single XML schema for text, spreadsheets,
charts, and graphical documents. It makes use of existing standards, such
as HTML, SVG, XSL, SMIL, XLink, XForms, MathML, and the Dublin Core, wherever
possible. OpenDocument has been designed as a package concept, enabling it
to be used as a default file format for office applications with no increase
in file size or loss of data integrity.