Building My MythTV Box, Part 1: Hardware
Subject:   New distro with MythTV may make it easier
Date:   2007-08-09 14:23:48
From:   webpaul1
There's a major new release of the FOSS project LinuxMCE that includes from MythTV for whole-house HD PVR, plsu movie, music and photo server, integrated telephony and smarthome.
All a/v source devices, DVD jukeboxes, and online media are shared through the home so you can put all your a/v gear in a rack in one room,
with only thin clients in the rest of the rooms. It includes a gyro-controlled UI that lets you navigate long lists of media and the TV's EPG by
waving, like a Wii, for fast, smooth control. Also wave to scan through your media and adjust volume and lights.
Watch a demo walkthrough on Google Video ( or download the video in
high-def at ( . Installation is 25 minutes and every step is shown starting with a clean PC.