Mono: A Progress Report
Subject:   mono, yeah right*
Date:   2007-08-11 12:34:19
From:   Antonovich
Well, why does mono not look like a good strategy for Linux? Because quite frankly, we have Java. Java runs at least as well on Linux as it does on windows, we have eclipse and netbeans that run as well or better under Linux, and well, if you needed any more reasons then well. :-).
Quite rightly, nobody trusts Microsoft. So why not just go with a technology that is at least as easy to use and more mature? I code *most* of my time on .net, and quite enjoy it, but Java is there, and is far more attractive as it is going fully open source, and is just as nice to code as c# (I spend about 25% of my time on Java).
Quite rightly mono will die a slow but sure death.
My 2p.