Hacking Google
Subject:   Curl and Google hacks
Date:   2007-08-13 04:01:02
From:   rshiple
Since I often compare Curl to JavaScript + GWT, I will set some of the hacks up for Curl web pages ( that is Curl, the programming langauge, not the cURL utility)
If you do know how to curl (my good friend was on the US womens olympic curling team) then you will know that 'curl' and 'hack' go together like peanut butter and jam. Oh, I knew the inventor of the 'flat' curling broom (as opposed to a traditional 'whisk' broom.)
Vector classes in Curl make a google search about as bad as searching on music classes for Mozart and Oz (I mean for Oz, the language). If they ever use Mozart in a score for an 'Oz' movie made with budget 'constraints' we will be sunk without hacks ... and 'Alice' used to be called 'Stockhausen' ... |tag# programming language #tag| as we might say in Curl ... or
|22# programming language #22|

My recent search on extending syntax with macros drew two side-by-side google ads: one was job openings in Ocaml (cool!) but the other was for plumbing pipe joint extensions. Uh-huh ... feral or PVC?