What Is an Iterator in C++, Part 1
Subject:   error in text
Date:   2007-08-14 10:23:16
From:   pvh513
IMO there is an error in the following example posted on :

vector<string> v;
// Fill up v with some data
vector<string>::iterator p = v.begin();
p += 5; // Now p refers to the 5th element
p[5]; // Now p refers to the 10th element
p -= 10; // Back to the beginning...

p[5] will return the 10th element (which is not used), but p itself will still refer to the 5th element after doing this. Hence the subsequent statement "p -= 10" is a bug: p will point before v.begin(). I verified this by running a simple test program compiled with g++ 4.2.1 through valgrind. It did report an access violation when dereferencing p after the last statement.

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