Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   new to macs
Date:   2007-08-22 14:57:09
From:   hadandowa

Not only am i new to macs but i know no programming at all. I can get http://myip/~myusername/ to work with apple/apache message and then my own page - yay! But http://myip/ only comes up with a different apache (no apple ref) message that I can't change, even by going into library/...../webserver and changing all the files in documents to my index.html file - help!
I also can't access anything from 'outside'. And don't know how to change "router" details but have noticed that eg my ip is but router is so how do I make one talk to the other.
Please help in BASIC terms an enthusiastic but clueless user - assume no knowledge except love of macs. (reference to truly step-by-step instructions expecting no knowledge would be gratefully received) :-)

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