Subject:   Boo!
Date:   2007-08-25 09:05:25
From:   migueldeicaza
Response to: Boo!

Hello Nixa,

Some folks are under the impression that if the Linux users ignore a technology, they can stop it.

There are a range of possibilities regarding Silverlight: it can be a total failure, and will not have an effect on the internet, to full success where everyone is using Silverlight for their web applications.

My guess is that things will be somewhere in the middle: Silverlight is a fascinating platform, with many very useful features and some people will adopt it. It will fall short of taking over the entire web because that is just how technology adoption works.

From where I sit, I want Linux to be on an equal footing to other platforms and I want to make sure that it continues to be a viable alternative. I have been working on Linux on the desktop for a long time (we just celebrated Gnome's 10th anniversary). There have been various recurring themes in these last 10 years when it came to the adoption of Linux on the desktop, one of them has been "Can I continue to use XXXX?", and if "XXXX" these days means web sites that adopt Silverlight then we should be able to answer "yes".

From a technical standpoint, we like what Silverlight has to offer, and as a project, it is a lot of fun to work on.

We clearly disagree on the importance of providing equal access in Linux to content to content that will be published on the web.