Run Mac OS X on a PC
Subject:   help please
Date:   2007-08-25 11:39:07
From:   eda1234
Hi, i am trying to install Mac os x tiger on my pc and I am running into a few problems. I first tried using the ppc control panel, but it would give me this ( unknown identifier 'ppc_start_full_screen' in line 13.) every time I would try to launch the config file. So, I switched bootmethod to auto and I got a little further. The ppc window opened, but it said 0 bootable partitions found. I decided to abandon the control panel for now and try doing it manually. I followed the instructions on this page Again I got up to the same part but this time there were 6 partitions. However, all were unbootable. Does anyone know what to do or have any suggestions?