Stream Live HDTV from Your Mac
Subject:   can't stream my h.264
Date:   2007-08-27 12:32:05
From:   bwalls
I followed the instructions. When I try to start the stream, it plays fine locally, but the streaming doesn't start. I get errors, such as the following:

access_file: unknown file type for `/Users/wallsbk/Documents/EyeTV Archive/Live TV Buffer.eyetv'
main: picture 0x2a13170 refcount is -1
main: picture to date 0x2a12d40 has invalid status 4
main: picture to display 0x2a12d40 has invalid status 4
ffmpeg: av_find_stream_info failed
ps: cannot peek
main: no suitable demux module for `/:///Users/wallsbk/Documents/EyeTV Archive/Live TV Buffer.eyetv/000000000c835801.eyetvi'

What can I do to make things work?