iLife '08 for Aperture Users with Joe Schorr
Subject:   Media Browser Maintains Image Order in iLife 08
Date:   2007-08-31 21:24:38
From:   KNM
The Derrick Story/Joe Schorr "Inside Aperture" podcasts have been great. I was excited to hear that the media browser in iLife 08 would maintain the image order when referencing a smart folder with a customized layout. I can't get it to work. I have images in a smart folder in Aperture that have a custom order such that the dropdown menu shows the "Custom" option. When I open the media browser in iPhoto 08, the photos are in the proper order. Yet, when I drag all of the highlighted images into a folder in iPhoto (so I can put them in my Web Gallery), the order reverts back to the original order. Can you give me any suggestions? Thank you very much. Kevin Miller