iLife '08 for Aperture Users with Joe Schorr
Subject:   Edit Metadata in both
Date:   2007-09-01 11:44:45
From:   MacNik
Hi Derrick and Joe,
1.: I like your podcasts very much! First due to the themes, second as I understand you very well (I'm German) cause of your clear wordings.
2. Your podcasts about aperture are too seldom
3. My question: a lot of people scanned their old slides. These slides get metadata with the wrong date and time. Although you have in Aperture an input field for the data you can't make any input. Yesterda I received my german iLife '08 and tried iPhoto and ....... oh wonder ! I can mange this within iPhoto. I can change the date field !! Afterall one possibility. But I want to change a bunch at the same time not foto by foto :-).

Have you a solution for this need ?
Hans Schreier

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