Troubleshooting Stop Errors
Subject:   Stop Errors
Date:   2007-09-02 20:08:50
From:   t-good
Well it happened! After 42 years of running computers from IBM 1401/1410 FORTRAN, for the USAF in Langley VA.,to HP Pavilion 7320 WIN2000 Professional I got Blue Screened.
I didn't get too excited until I couldn't get it to go away. I was trying to load an OS & midway thru the 4th floppy setup disk it happened again.
IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL was the message.
Now to most midnite computer geeks, the ones who are firefighters, policemen, & construction worker by day this may seem a real kick in the B@#$%. Do not fear my labors of the day. This one is rather easy to fix.
If you down load MS's web page on Stop Errors its a bunch of Mombo Jombo.
What this message is saying is: "Hey you dummy, you don't have enough RAM in your hot rod to digest all the data that setup is throwing at it.
W2Kpro needs at least 32 of RAM to load the setup disks before it will tell you to insert the CD.
So all you have to do is jack up the RAM to at least 64 & try again.
This is what happened to me while loading W2Kpro on an old socket 7 SIMM MoBo. OK so I'am crazy but I rebuild old computers to give to kids who's family or lack thereof can't affort a computer.
After I scrounged around in the garage an pulled some SIMM Ram from an old Socket 4 & installed them I was able to load w2Kpro and then load Word 2002.
So there one mystery solved.
Happy computing,
Retired firefighter turned midnite computer geek