A Fifty Year Wave of Change
Subject:   Disappointed
Date:   2007-09-05 06:53:23
From:   shelleyp
I was very pleased to see that improvements have been made in the other areas of science, but am aware of how little has improved for women in technology. You acknowledge such, but then go on to basically state the party line.

We have to make women be more interested.

We have to show women in these roles.

Women have to do such...

Women must...

There is little about altering the field to attract not only more women, but a more diverse population; a diverse population that can only improve the technologies and products resulting from the technologies.

I'm particularly disappointed with the following paragraph:

" However, being perceived as too aggressive for a key position is common for women in technology, though it would seldom block a male candidate. Most women in the early stages of technical careers have found some level of aggressiveness is necessary to survive and succeed. Every woman who I know in technology has experienced the following phenomenon many times: you are the only woman in a meeting and you make a suggestion. No one reacts. A few minutes later, a man suggests the same idea and everyone gets excited about what a great idea it is. While there are techniques for handling this phenomenon gracefully (e.g., ask a male friend attending the meeting to repeat your idea while acknowledging it as your idea), it's not surprising that successful technical women tend to speak strongly and defend their ideas. Most women who reach top positions in technology have had to learn how to soften their personality so as not to be seen as overly intimidating or polarizing. And, yes, being quieter and gentler is something I work on all the time."

Why on earth must we 'lie' and pretend to this warm and nurturing role, just to get the respect we deserve? We should be angry! We should be shouting from the mountaintops! At a minimum, we should be pointing out such hypocrisy every chance we get, as a unified whole; repeating such until we are heard.

I cannot believe you are promoting a stereotypical feminist behavior in order for women to 'get by'. I can't believe that you're letting your more vocal sisters down.

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