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Subject:   Re: A Disappointing Start
Date:   2007-09-05 07:29:34
From:   cwade
Response to: A Disappointing Start

I had a similar misinterpretation as you did, when I read the press release, where coders, programmers, designers and developers were mentioned, but not technicians, engineers, sysadmins, etc.. But Capecoder, you yourself began by saying "'Technology' is a big tent," which it certainly is. However, having learned from my own mistaken estimation, I don't think Leslie meant to represent us all; her statement about coding is purely a personal opinion, shared by only as many female techs as it applies to, and not at all to the ones it doesn't.

It just so happens I agree with her sentiment, but I surely know that sentiment doesn't apply globally to women techs. I think this series exists for us to express the range of our predilections, without judgment. Software runs on machines, teams run on organization, development runs on coffee (heh), etc. -- all the parts are equally least in my eyes! What would be so terrible about O'Reilly branching out from a development focus, to the cream of the crop of all commentary on technology, with women leading the charge of diversity? How awesome is that? :-D

-- Carol Wade

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