Social Engineering
Subject:   mother and sameness
Date:   2007-09-05 08:26:10
From:   jenthefen
i think i disagree with the statement about motherhood being a subservient state to needs & desires of others. i prefer the creative connotations of that word in every sense, reminiscent of "authority" coming from root word "author."

and i wouldn't want sameness, that wouldn't be the optimal outcome of relations between genders for me. besides creative i prefer vibrant and shifting when it comes to the social roles stuff, and respect and recognition. i did agree with the "healthiest ones are those who place a high value on contribution of any kind" though.

but i too want to hear more in this series from women in code-writing roles. just seems that this is the place for those perspectives to be paramount, though i think there's also room for those of women in other roles in technology.

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