A Fifty Year Wave of Change
Subject:   Disappointed
Date:   2007-09-05 13:10:01
From:   shelleyp
Response to: Disappointed

First of all, excuse the typos in my comments. I've never been especially good at writing in small boxes. For instance, it should be feminine, and not feminist in my last sentence.

Laura, I hope my essay won't disappoint. It's much smaller than these two previous, and most would probably think it a rant.

Shouting to who...I'm not sure anymore. Management? Somewhat, especially if women are not getting the same recognition for their work as the men. I'd say it goes beyond management, though, and focuses more on society as a whole than any individual group of people.

I want to shout at the women who don't see a problem because they're successful and they can't see beyond themselves. I want to shout at the women who don't stand up for themselves, and each other. I want to shout with the women who do.

I also want to shout with the men who say, "Hey, wait a sec...something is wrong here..."

I also want to shout at the techs who assume their audience is all male; who put on conferences and care little if there are few women.

All these fields where women have made strides, yet in the IT field, our numbers are shrinking, not growing. That makes me want to shout--at everyone. Shout, grab by the collar, shake people about. When I hear that all we need is to show the IT field in a positive light on TV or in movies, makes me want to shout most of all, because we really don't get it.

It's not that women or the perceptions of IT are 'broke'. It's the field that's broke.

Let's see how many Tiny Edit Box typos enter this time ;-)