So What?
Subject:   So What ?
Date:   2007-09-06 09:21:42
From:   dmarsh26
Can I just say 'So what?' ;)

I'm really not sure I agree with the tone of this series. Who can say why women don't enter or stay in IT ? I've witnessed numerous failed attemps to attract them, if they don't want it thats their right is it not ? Should we force more men to become nurses ? Is it really useful to artificially positively discriminate on sex, race etc to boost then ranks ?

Theres always been female characters in IT, its just they have always been in the minority. I don't think we should turn it into another subject that women find more palatable, like s soft science like Psychology.

Lots of people are held back in IT by lack of access to education, or too structured career paaths etc. Changing this might not alter the balance between the sexes, many men will be disadvantaged by this too.

As far as the women have to be twice as good argument, I've often had to be twice as good as my peers to get promoted and I'm a man, I also had some pretty bad female bosses.

These sterotypes to me really serve to do us no favours. If women were the best people to write the book and they put themselves forward I'm sure they'd be in it. I think IT is pretty close to a meritocracy, even though a true meritocracy will never exist. In a meritocracy it may well be fair for there to be an imbalance. Ironically many women in business seem obsessed by copying the worst traits of men, I find men and women succeed when they use the best traits of humanity regardless of sex.

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