So What?
Subject:   So this
Date:   2007-09-06 10:10:13
From:   dmarsh26
Response to: So this

Can you really measure it? How should the survey be conducted, what should you ask, who should you ask, how big should the sample be, how many countries ? Will the stats tell the truth ?

I would say the overlap between computer science, software engineering and programming is significant. All these aspects and more were taught on my degree and you could choose modules.

Many people draw many different analogies, people say programming is part art part engineering/science. I've heard it labeled a cottage industry and liked to carpentry. These analogies are just that, analogies sometimes they add value and shed light on the argument, sometimes they do not.

So again, I say 'So What?' how does any of this help ?

There are probably more ways into IT than many other professions, you can become a lawyer without taking the bar exam, anyone can become a programmer/IT support/DBA etc.

Its probably more of a meritocracy than many other professions, yet women still chose not to enter the profession.

If I had I would guess its probably because yes it has an engineering bias, and engineering is tools based and maybe something in the hunter gatherer makeup influences this ?

Maybe the traditional nest builder nurtuer types see it as irrelevant ?

Of course I'm not a physc expert and I've seen no research so this may just be pish just like the article !

One book does not a representative sample make !

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  1. It's not that mysterious
    2007-09-06 14:55:58  lauras [View]

  2. Selena Deckelmann photo There is research.
    2007-09-06 10:44:31  Selena Deckelmann | [View]

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