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Subject:   pairing CS with other programs is a great idea
Date:   2007-09-06 10:32:53
From:   sdeckelmann
I really like the idea of changing the nature of computer science degrees - pairing the theory and tools with a discipline. A friend of mine chose to basically do that. She started out in chemistry and biology, switched her degree to CS and wrote an classification application for botanists for her thesis.

Still, I think there is value in in the study of computer science in a concentrated and separate way (disclosure: I have a CS degree). For example, I think that, despite many obvious similarities, there are important and fundamental differences between programming and human communication languages. And there is enough difference that academic study of programming languages just doesn't seem to fully fit in linguistics departments. I think you can argue the opposite - but academics have already separated the departments and degrees. An interim step may be to encourage more dual degree programs like this:

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  1. pairing CS with other programs is a great idea
    2007-09-06 10:41:43  dmarsh26 [View]

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