So What?
Subject:   pairing CS with other programs is a great idea
Date:   2007-09-06 10:41:43
From:   dmarsh26
Response to: pairing CS with other programs is a great idea

Yes thats a very good point, an ex gf did a Chemistry degree, alot of her friends were on combined Chemistry/IT degress, as guess what ? The proportions of male to female students were pretty similar to a CS course.

Yes women may use technology just as much as men, they drive cars, they use the internet. Do they use them in the same manner, do they use social networking sites more than men ?

Using a computer is often a fairly anti social pursuit, women being naturally more social might explain why they dont like it as much.

How much of this is to do with society ? Research shows that children below the age of 5 have already formed opinions on what they are good at and hence what they like. If more young girls were given mercano/lego/airfix or a computer then we might see a different situation.

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